One of the objectives in RECITE is to produce a set of generic guidelines to establishing innovative research governance strategies in the partner institutions and beyond. Governance strategies aim to strengthen quality of teaching in schools by guidance on how to establish sustainable collaboration between municipalities, research departments, teacher education and schools, enhancing the possibilities for knowledge flow and spread between the different fields and between a macro and a micro level.

The partner institutions’ local action plans will proceed the production of the transnational guidelines for research governance, which increases the local impact of these guidelines in the partner institutions. Hopefully, dissemination activities with stakeholders in the partner countries will contribute to the implementation and impact of the transnational guidelines beyond the partner institutions and consequently, increase their transferability potential.

Whereas the partner institutions’ action plans are locally linked to their teacher education, the transnational guidelines raise the project to a macro level with the production of a common set of structural guidelines for all partners and with the objective of reaching a broader audience than the departments and institutions involved. Hence, these guidelines strengthen the chances of creating sustainable changes in research culture generally.