Municipality of Linköping

Name: The Municipality of Linköping

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Description: Linköping – where ideas come to life. Linköping is one of Sweden’s fastest growing cities. The population is constantly increasing and we are now approximately 153 000 inhabitants. We are currently Sweden’s fifth largest city and a part of the expansive East Sweden Business Region. For decades the city has been characterized by world-class high technology in the fields of aviation, IT and the environment.

Education and innovation: In Linköping there is a strong force of innovation especially in Mjärdevi Science Park, which is one of Europe’s leading technology parks with 6 000 employees in 300 companies. The focus areas in the park are visualization, modeling and simulation, connectivity and mobile broadband, vehicle safety and security systems. Our highly ranked university is situated next to Mjärdevi Science Park and holds more than 27 000 students. We also have a university hospital with highly specialized medical treatment and research. In Linköping there are both municipal and private employers. The municipality is one of the largest, with over 8 000 employees.