Proposal writing

First part of the project is to map existing research circulation between teacher education, research and practice in a local setting – this means:
1) Map ongoing research projects and research interests/skills in partner institutions;
2) Establish mutual research areas/needs in collaboration with school clusters/leaders/teachers;

The objective of the mapping exercise is to produce an innovative snapshot of research activity within the relevant department. This has the following dimensions:
1) Overall institutional structures
2) Institutional, group, individual level research interests, e.g. school leadership
3) Questions about institutional strategy
4) Relationship between external and internal research production
5) Examples of good research circulation
6) Disciplinary vs teacher education research, pedagogy vs subject didactics
7) How do we make the connection with University-School collaboration and school based teacher education?
8) How are results communicated, i.e. how do they ‘escape’ from researchers?
9) What is the recycling process, where continuing education is involved?
10) Underlying theoretical frameworks, e.g. professional learning groups, activity theory
11) Historical explanation of research governance structures
12) Ongoing research projects
13) Who is involved – within the institution, externally, internationally?
14) Relevance of the research topic and who will benefit?

All partner institutions write a report based on their mapping and emphasizing strengths and weaknesses with their current research circulation. These local results will be discussed transnationally within the partner group.

Proposal writing

Local reports and a common report for all partner institutions will be available here below once they have been finalised.