PH Weingarten

Name: The University of Education Weingarten (Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten, PHW)


Description: The university offers under- and postgraduate studies within the fields of education and educational sciences as well as fields not genuinely related to education. Within teacher education we offer study courses for primary school (ISCED 1), lower secondary (ISCED 2) and vocational school (ISCED 4). Other Bachelor and Master programs qualify students for Counselling in Educational Settings, in Media and Education Management, School Development and so forth. In winter term 2014/15 we had app. 3500 students, 50 university professors and about 120 lectures. Generally, university teaching staff has at least three years of teaching experience in school.

Research: The research profile of the University of Education Weingarten mainly addresses questions of educational research and its adjoining basic and application-oriented questions, in particular related to sustainable teaching and learning in schools and other educational institutions. Current thematic priorities in research and development are Education for Sustainable Development, Digital Media, and Heterogeneity in educational institutions.

Campus of PH Weingarten