Partners from UC SYD (DK), NTNU (N), LIU (S), Weingarten (D), JYU (Fi), EUC (Cy)
Vonsild Elementary School (DK) and Linkoping Municipality (S)

Project description

It is widely recognized that connections between research and practice in education need to be strengthened. Amongst other things, the collaboration between schools and universities, the R & D competence of teachers and the ways in which academic researchers share research results should be enhanced.

The aim of RECITE is to highlight a range of responsible practices in the production and circulation of research within teacher education and to create effective strategies for research governance, which can be adopted in the partner organizations and beyond.

Experience with previous and ongoing Erasmus + projects in teacher education (UPP science, PROTEUS, SATE, e-INFO-TED) has demonstrated that enhanced collaboration between schools and universities, and a stronger focus on research can provide multiple benefits for teaching and learning.

The RECITE project addresses research topics and governance practices, firstly by making them visible, and secondly by sharing innovative practices across the partner institutions, which are all involved in teacher education research. This will have the effect of putting teacher education ahead of other disciplines in research management practice, and will help to establish teacher education research as a significant discipline. RECITE will achieve impact by producing locally adapted action plans, as well as a generic guide to establishing research governance strategies beyond the immediate reach of the project. It will also use teacher education as an example of how innovative strategies can transform research cultures and produce real benefits for its ultimate beneficiaries – children and young people.


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